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What is a UX Researcher? Let’s Find Out Together
What is a UX Researcher? User Experience (UX) Researcher have the responsibility of searching for information of the target market or user related to the needs and behavior of the marke...
What You Absolutely Need to Know About Flat Design
I’m sure we’ve seen the interface design on Microsoft Windows 8. Did you know that the some of those design are inspired by flat design? And what is flat design? In today’s arti...
Design and How it Affects Business
The influence of design in business. With how fast the development and growth that is the digital world, the need for visual as a digital product rises too hand-in-hand. Design in business affects the...
Dark Mode in Design: The Benefit and Disadvantage
The term dark mode has been booming recently, and one of its main reasons in popularity right now is, of course how necessary they are to us right now. What is Dark Mode? Dark mode is...
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