Dark Mode in Design: The Benefit and Disadvantage

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Dark Mode in Design: The Benefit and Disadvantage

The term dark mode has been booming recently, and one of its main reasons in popularity right now is, of course how necessary they are to us right now.

What is Dark Mode?

Dark mode is a design of interfaces on the current applications right now. You’ll find what dark mode is from your phone display as couple of apps on your smartphone offers this dark mode. Even Google and Apple hopped on to the bandwagon known as dark mode on their operating system.

Dark mode means exactly what it sounds. It’s a feature that will change the interface on the application that are usually light and colorful into dark and gloomy color.

This dark mode is not an exactly new feature. This mode has been used way back when smartphone didn’t even exist. This mode has been used as the interface template for computers in their early days by changing the light color with dark and green.

And now with the advancement in technology, company often times choose to use light background with the intention of showing that they’re writing with ink on a piece of paper. But Apple and Google, innovative as they are, are implementing dark mode as a feature and have received positive feedbacks from their customers.

The Benefit of Dark Mode

With the creation of this feature, there surely exists couple of benefit that we can take from it. The technical side of benefits exists on device that uses AMOLED or OLED screen for their display. Why these two panels? Because from a technical point of view, the pixels on these two panels have the ability of producing brightness.

And by using dark mode, its hoped that the energy consumption will be lighter and more efficient. To put it simply, your battery won’t drain faster when it’s turned on if you’re using dark mode. Other than that, dark mode also reduces the blue light exposure our eyes get from staring at a screen.

You’ve probably heard of blue light filter as a replacement for night mode on certain smartphones. Because of that, it’s no wonder that dark mode is very popular recently. And not only is it used on smartphone interfaces, this feature is also the ace card for many social medias out there. Just look at Instagram.

The design that is dark mode can help reduces the light that’s radiating from our screen. Dark mode themes can also be turned on or off manually by user from the Settings.

The Disadvantage of Dark Mode

The disadvantage of dark mode is that it’s not the best thing to reduce eye stress. Usually, dark mode makes it hard for us to read long texts because of lack of lighting and the colors that dominate the design are both dark and or black. As such, our eyes will have to work a little harder to see and read certain texts on the screen.

That is all about the definition, benefit, and disadvantage of Dark Mode in Design. Don’t forget to leave us a comment if you’re confused on something and want to ask!