The Psychology of Color and How it Affects Your Design

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The Psychology of Color and How it Affects Your Design

One of the most important part in design is how you choose your color. This is due to different colors can convey different meaning. Let’s take red for example, what do you think when you see something in red. Most would think of bravery, anger, and excitement, and. No matter how good the shape of your design is, if the color conveys a different meaning from what you’ve intended, then that design will become meaningless.

So here we have some of the most commonly used color, what do they represent, why the psychology of color is important and how it affects your design.


Let’s start with one of the most commonly used color in design. White. White in its nature is a representation of color and purity. This color is often used on negative-space like part of a logo, or for the color of the text. White is also commonly associated with cleanliness, innocence, and peace.


Yellow sometimes is a very conflicting color to choose. It can represent both negative and positive emotions. But most of the time it’s used to represent happiness and warmth, and as such is associated with happiness, joy, positivity. One of the most commonly known logos that uses yellow as its color is McDonald’s logo.


As we’ve mentioned above, red is quite an intense color, and same with Yellow can both represent happy and mixed feelings. It’s often time used to represent love, energy, and excitement. Red also can cause the people that look at it to feel hungry, making it an effective color choice for a restaurant.


Purple is one of those sophisticated color. Being the combination of both blue and red, it offers both warmth and coolness to anything it touches. Purple as a color represents royalty, mystery, and as we’ve said it above, sophistication.


A calming color that stirs an image of authority to whoever is seeing it. This color represents authority, serenity, and confidence. Combine this color with white in your logo if you want to make the viewer feel confident about your product.


One of the most popular colors out there be it for typography or graphic design in general. This color is often chosen for its simplicity, boldness and sophistication. A lot of things look good in black, you can’t deny it, and you can mix with lighter colors too to make a very intriguing and eye-catching logo.

After understanding what certain color means to its viewer, I’m sure we’ve all understood why the psychology of color is important and how it affects your design. Imagine a hospital with logo that is all black. It won’t feel as welcoming as it would’ve been for a hospital where sick people come for help.

If you’re designing something, don’t just slap any color to your design. It’s been proven time and time again that different color means different thing, and choosing just the perfect color affect your design in a very beneficial way.