What is a UX Researcher? Let’s Find Out Together

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What is a UX Researcher? Let’s Find Out Together

What is a UX Researcher? User Experience (UX) Researcher have the responsibility of searching for information of the target market or user related to the needs and behavior of the market itself. This information then will be analyzed and used as the base for making a corresponding product design.

What is a UX Researcher? The Job of UX Researcher

UX Researcher is a job that’s very needed for a company that depends on website or mobile apps. Let’s see this explanation of the jobs that UX researcher do down below.

What is A UX Researcher? UX Researcher is in charge of the search regarding the behavior and needs of a user. A UX researcher collects data and information then analyze said data and information

The result of the analysis will then be relayed to the responsible division for production such as production, engineer and designer. And then it will be used to create a product that meets the needs of the market. But before doing so, a UX researcher must conduct market research first.

What is a UX Researcher? Research Method Used

While working, a UX researcher uses various research methods before collecting information. With them being:

1. Observation

What is a UX ResearcherUX Researcher must do observation first. This is done as a foundation to understand the characteristics of the user.

2. Understanding

After observation, the second method is the understanding part. Based on the result of observation. UX researcher must be able to understand the situation and background of the user. This is useful to prepare relevant questions while collecting information.

3. Analysis

What is a UX ResearcherUX Researcher needs to be capable of analyzing the data they’ve gathered. It will then proceed to be identified into a pattern and analyzed again. The result then will be a piece of graphs that displays the entire characteristic of a user. Lastly this result will be the one used to determine a decision of a product for the better.

While collecting data, a UX researcher uses different techniques that’s suited for different types of user characteristics, what are they and how to they use them? Let’s check it out.

What is a UX Researcher? Data Gathering Techniques

There are a couple of techniques UX researcher use when gathering with them being:

1. Interview

Interview is perhaps the most commonly used technique. This technique is divided into three types with each used on different kinds of user. First is directed interview where researchers will immediately ask a specific question so it feels more like question answer type of interview.

Second is non-directed interview. This is done when UX researcher wants to gather data using a more personal approach. This style of interview is often done by talking and asking about the user’s daily life.

The last and third technique used is ethnographic interview. UX researcher will conduct interview directly on site, be it their house or work place with the intention of understanding the habit of the user.

2. Survey and or questionnaire

This technique can be used when UX researcher needs to gather a very large amount of data. It’s very easy and effective to, the researchers only need to send out survey forms or questionnaire to the user through email or Google Docs.

That is all for our explanation of What is a UX Researcher? We hope this article is useful and can help you gain more insight about this profession.