What You Absolutely Need to Know About Flat Design

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What You Absolutely Need to Know About Flat Design

I’m sure we’ve seen the interface design on Microsoft Windows 8. Did you know that the some of those design are inspired by flat design? And what is flat design? In today’s article, we will be summarizing the information regarding flat design.

Flat design is one type of two-dimension design that is minimalist, simple, and the blending of various bright color. Flat design emphasized on functionality of a design without the need of shadows, bevels, texture and as such only focusing on typography. A flat design will look very simple. But, because of its simplicity, flat design becomes a popular interface for web design and mobile devices,

Flat Design’s Characteristics

Flat design has some certain characteristics that are most prominent on the use of icons and illustrations. In terms of color, you can use anything you want with flat design. But it’s most common for flat design to use bright and striking colors.

Flat design is indeed different in term of color. A designer can make expand their color pallet, changing from one or two color becoming three or four, and even more. Designers will match the color with one another to get just the right combination.

History of Flat Design

After knowing what is flat design is, you also need to know the history behind flat design. As the inspiration three designs, first The Swiss Style (International Typographic Style, second Modernism, and lastly Bauhaus design, born the design known as flat design. Out of those three design styles, flat design takes a lot more inspiration from The Swiss Style design that was introduced in 1940–1950.

This design focuses more on a couple aspects, sans-serif typography, grids, and compact layout. Up until 2014, flat design grew very fast and becomes popular, making it often used in web design, characters, posters, application, mobile UI and et cetera.

Flat Design’s Trend

Surprisingly, even to this day flat design are still developing. Its development is not only limited to Microsoft either, but even onto their competitor like Mac OS that designed their apple logo in 3D have now switched into something flatter.

The same can be said for Google’s logo too. Google doesn’t want to be left behind either on this trend of using flat design. Now all of Google’s logos like Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, etc. are all now using flat design that are more simplistic in nature.

The trend as it exists right now shows that flat design is very preferred by designers. Just look at Dribble, Behance, App Store and others. You’ll find that all of their designs are simple, starting from their logo into the user interface.

Well, that is all of our explanation on what is flat design, its characteristics, history and its development to date. Actually, right now a lot of big names company are following the flat design trend and changing the designs on their products into something simpler.

For those of you who want to understand flat design even more, just look at your phone. Observe and then try it out yourself. You’ll understand it eventually on to how to make flat design yourself.

Lastly, we hope this article on what is flat design is useful to you, and we hope to see you again.